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Ram Products, Inc

CALL TOLL FREE: 1-732-651-5500

- Working Frequency 24 KHz -30 KHz

- Dimensions:
* 320mm Width
* 135 Height
* 235 Diameter

- Good Design with built in Peristatic pump

- Clean Function: anable cleaning cycles to be carried out in water circuit

- Automatic protection control:
* Interrupt power and water supply in case of incorrect use of the handpiece and insert tip

- LCD Screen
* Soft and easy way to touch
* Wide 5.7 inch touch screen
* Adjustable during operation

- Micrometric Cut
* Maximum Intra-operative precision and security

- Selective Cut
* Minimizes the risk of harming soft tissues (nerves, vessels, membranes)

- Working Frequency Ultrasound of 24-32 KHz
* (Bone 29 KHz, Soft Tissue 50 KHz)

- Blood-free Surgical Site
* Offer the maximum Intra-operative visibility

- 2 years warranty on electronics

- 1 year warranty on handpiece

- Applicable
* Periodontal Surgery
* Nuero Surgery
* Plastic Surgery
* Cardiovascular Surgery
Surgystar Controller
SurgyStar Ultrasonic Piezo Bone Surgery Complete Set
Surgystar Foot Switch
Surgystar Handpiece with Cable
Surgystar Autoclavable Tray
Surgystar Water Pump Cap
Surgystar Transformer
Piezo Basic Kit Including Tray
Piezo Option Tip